Here’s a super-fast warm-up routine for public speakers: Five exercises in five minutes.

We’re going to dive straight into a super-fast warm-up routine to make you sound clearer stronger and more articulate when you’re speaking using just five effective warm-up exercises. Before you start, dress warmly and grab some water to hydrate your body. 

Let’s dive right in.



A Super Fast Vocal Warm up for all Public Speakers
(By Elisa James, Holistic Voice and Presentation Coach)

1.  Bubble the lips gently and with ease downward.
2.  Humming down the scale improves forward vibration.
3.  Turning on the Side Waist-band Support Muscles Improves the sound.
4.  Work those Vowels for a richer, more full sounding voice.
5.  Use the Articulators to sound clear, concise and intelligent.



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Today, I’m going to take you through a very quick warm-up routine. The first few exercises are for stretching and releasing the vocal folds to increase the range and the flexibility then we’re going to finish off with some vowels and some articulation exercises.


Exercise #1: Bubble or Trill    .

Place your hands like this and we’re going to go up and down the scale smoothly with the bubble first. Try to get a bit lower and a bit higher every time. Then switch it to the tongue. You just need to do that about five to ten times to really stretch and start to release any tension in the vocal process.


Exercise #2: Humming  

We’re going to bring the sound of resonance to the front of the face. We want to feel the resonance right in the front of the face between the lips and also in the nose and in the cheeks. It’s called the mask area. Now if you’re a speaker and not a singer all you need to do is just hum those sounds in your speaking range. Don’t go right up here because you’re not going to be speaking up there. Only warm up your voice if you’re a speaker or an actor in the speaking range only.


Exercise #3: Switching on the Abs and the Side Muscles 

Put your hands on your side muscles and we’re going to make sure that the tummy pulls in sharply with the following sound “Shh… Shhhhh… Shh… Shhhhh”. If you’re doing this correctly, you feel your tummy pump twice and your side muscles pop at the side underneath your fists. That will make sure that all your correct muscles for breathing and supporting your voice are switching on before you speak.


 Exercise #4: The Vowels    .

We’re going to use the international vowel sounds “A… E… I… O… U…” Do it with an “M” sound first “Ma… Me… Mi… Mo… Mu…” The “M” again brings the vibration to the front of the face which makes it very easy to project the sound

and makes your voice sound more beautiful. Next, do it with the letter “V” … “Va… Ve…Vi…Vo…Vu…”. Last one with a “TH” … “Tha… The… Thi… Tho… Thu…”


Exercise #5: Articulation Exercises 

We’ve got three different tongue twisters all of them wake up the teeth, the tongue, the lips and the jaw so you’re ready for public speaking. The first one is this: “the tip of the tongue and the teeth and the lips”. One breath, four times. Then take a nice big breath and go faster the next time. Go at your own pace and speed it up as you get better.


The next one is a great exercise that all actors know: “red leather yellow leather”. Every sound needs to be clear to wake up the articulation: “My mother makes me mash my mini M&Ms on a Monday morning”. Then raise the pitch and again.


So, I hope you found that helpful today – five exercises in five minutes. Make sure that you use these exercises, this little routine every single time, before you have a public speaking or singing engagement.

Do not forget: Speak up. Speak out. Be ready to be heard because remember: YOUR VOICE MATTERS.