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Elisa’s Story

Elisa James is an award-winning edutainer, speaker, presenter, coach and Amazon #1 bestselling author.

With clients including Dale Carnegie and Tony Robbins Coaches, Get Motivated Events, Australian Government Dpt Defence, Village Roadshow, Unity Worldwide Ministries, Fox News presenters, Radio DJ’s she has helped some of the world’s most successful speakers and leaders develop their Unique Vocal Brand.

In addition to featuring regularly as a guest speaker on podcasts and live events, Elisa is a familiar face on the international conference circuit having shared the stage with business speakers and entertainers in America, Europe and Australia for more than 30 years.

Elisa has presented and performed to over 100,000 people across 5 continents since 1990, and is known for her engaging, entertaining and practical presentations.

“Elisa is extremely skilled, knowledgeable, and inspiring. I learned more in one hour than I ever would have dreamed possible.”

Unity World Wide Ministries

A Timeline

Coming from a background in entertainment and theatre, and having performed on huge stages world-wide  for more than 30 years, in 2013 Elisa founded a consultancy specializing in Vocal Branding for business owners, speakers and coaches called HAPS VoicePro.

Elisa’s background in performance led her to an intense interest in voice health, vocal maintenance, mindset, and the sound of confidence and authority in speakers. After completing two master’s degrees (Vocal Pedagogy and Holistic health) Elisa focused on synergistically combining her wealth of voice and presentation experience with professional speaker coaching. Since all performers and speakers fully rely on a healthy, strong voice for their career, she developed an online course for speakers to protect their “best asset” called Save My Asset – Voice Maintenance and Projection Course for Professional Speakers.

Elisa’s first book for business speakers The Seven Deadly Sins of Public Speaking and How to Avoid Them  was the culmination of years of experience and incorporates the key principles all performers and speakers need to learn before presenting to a live audience. With an emphasis on the physical and mental preparation needed before public speaking, this 2014 release focussed on helping business leaders, educators and speakers be better prepared for any speaking engagement. Toastmaster champions in the United States use this little hand book to prepare for speaking competitions world-wide.

Elisa also developed a half day training for corporations called “Presentation Skills for Managers”. This training is essential for any manager who is required to train his staff or present in a boardroom setting and needs to speak with authority, clarity and projection. Elisa’s training specialises in keeping an audience of any size engaged, inspired, AND informed.

In 2017, Elisa went on to release a range of books and online courses designed to assist both the amateur and professional speaker  to develop, strengthen and maintain their best asset: their vocal sound and delivery.

Elisa’s #1 Amazon Bestselling book – Find Your Voice – The 10 Steps from anxiety to confidence is a perfect book for any speaker or trainer needing real tools, techniques and information on how to engage, inspire and uplift an audience using a confident vocal sound. With chapters on building dynamics in the speaking voice, overcoming voice problems, vocal nutrition, microphone technique and stage presence, this book is a must for any speaker new to the public arena.

Elisa’s online course The Psychology behind the Sound is a great resource for managers, speakers, coaches and trainers as it explains how to not only analyse the sound of your own voice, but also that of your clients and staff members. By learning how to recognise unconscious conditioning and habits we have adopted over the years, we can learn to change the sound of our voices and bring it into alignment with our business brand and life vision. When a leader learns how to “read” peoples voices, he can be more effective in communicating with others and listen with better understanding of the psychological elements that hold people back. Better understanding of your clients and customers = better sales.

In 2016 Elisa’s research emphasis shifted to focus on the key vocal habits, physicality and mindsets that make up an individual’s Unique Vocal Brand. She now focuses on coaching business owners, leaders and managers through key-note presentations and workshops in how to recognize, build and present their own Vocal Brand for Business and Leadership.  In this age of influence, and in this digital world we live in, finding and expressing your authentic voice in your business space is more relevant than ever before.

Elisa’s Keynote Topics