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Join a program with Elisa. With over 30 years of stage and presentation experience and academic certifications to boot, Elisa knows all the tools and tricks there are to help you master your voice and presentation skills.

Gain instant access to Elisa’s vast professional experience through one of her online classes available below.

Save My Voice

I am here to help get you where you need to be – vocally speaking. So, if you are using your voice for your career and rely on your instrument to deliver your message day after day, week after week, then this course is a MUST!

Change Your Voice. Change Your Life

It is time to become aware of the unconscious muscle patterns we have developed over time and to begin a new way of speaking. A better way of speaking, communicating and expressing ourselves – with ease, grace and confidence.

Professional 1-on-1 Coaching

If you are a Business Speaker, Entrepreneur, Celebrity, or TV/Video Presenter,  you may need results FAST.

Private, tailor-made 1:1 coaching may be a better fit for you.  Click below for a free, no obligation, professional voice consultation.


“Elisa James as a speaker is feminine and beautiful, but still strong and confident. I don’t know anyone who has a voice that is so warm and engaging as well as confident and strong, she really does a phenomenal job.”

Scott Harris
Tony Robbin’s Head Speaker & Coach

"teaching brilliance"

“Elisa James is a world performer that brings her performance expertise and teaching brilliance into her vocal workshops. The students learn vocal technique as well as life skills that build confidence!”

Erin Coley
Public Speaker, Coach USA