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Do you avoid being on camera & becoming more visible?

Is your fear of public speaking holding you back?

Want to feel great after your next presentation?

Become an engaging and confident presenter?

Do you hate the sound of your own voice?

Then – it’s time to change all that…

As an Expert in my field with over 35 years experience:

I’ve got your back!


(a great place to begin)

Confidently Command Attention Every Time You Speak… Without Ever Feeling Uncomfortable About Your Voice Again!

For heavy voices users such as teachers, fitness trainers, coaches and speakers to learn how the voice works, how to maintain it and rehabilitation exercises after vocal damage or injury.

Our most popular signature course. Speak with more clarity, confidence and conviction on any platform.


Our signature, most popular program that pairs perfectly with the VOC Online Course. If you are looking for more confidence in public speakers on any platform – you have come to the right place.

Private 1:1 Tailor Made Coaching via zoom. Perfect for the serious business owner ready to make an impact on stage, on camera or on podcast. VIP training for executives and CEO’s, Performance and StageCraft.

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Why people don’t listen and how to change that fast by improving the way you speak on camera and off!

Video 1: In this video I show you how to infuse interest and colour into your voice to sound more engaging and compelling when you speak.

Video 2: In this video, I share the secrets to getting more attention every time you open your mouth. Using these tips you can connect with your audience more effectively and turn your voice into the ultimate communication tool.

Video 3: In this video, I share the most important foundational elements needed in public speaking. Master these 2 skills to sound more calm and confident every time you speak – on any platform

Video 4: Lastly, the icing on the cake! If you get this wrong when speaking, it can lead to voice loss, throat pain and vocal fatigue. Get it just right – and you will be speaking with a clear, strong projected tone all day long – no problem at all!


“Elisa James as a speaker is feminine and beautiful, but still strong and confident. I don’t know anyone who has a voice that is so warm and engaging as well as confident and strong, she really does a phenomenal job.”

Scott Harris, International Coaching Trainer

Check out this testimonial reel filled with student feedback!
““Elisa James totally saved my speaking career. I’ve been on stages all over the world, and any time I would speak for 3 – 5 days, I ended up losing my voice. I now have a much fuller voice, and now projecting powerfully so the entire room can her me. So you need to work with Elisa James, she is the real deal.”

Sandra Bravo, Founder and CEO of Amasssing, T.Harv Ecker Head Trainer

“I was blessed to have experienced a presentation from Elisa at an exclusive Toastmaster event. After her presentation on using, caring & preserving your voice, I looked at my mentor who said with beaming eyes ‘You need her. I approached Elisa to discuss her wisdom in person… my mentor was right, I needed her. Elisa is my Voice Angel.”

Chadwick Harding , Auctioneer and MC

“Elisa has helped me to, effectively communicate my message to my target audience and shown me how to pivot my speech on the fly, if needed.

What I love about her is that she is a beautiful soul inside and out, who is genuine, honest, open, vulnerable, raw and is not afraid to tell me when I need to lift my game.

Elisa has an incredible career and journey, and she is extremely passionate about helping people to find their true voice.

 She has taught me how to show up myself, control my nerves and helped elevate myself and my business forward.

So much appreciation and she holds a special place in my heart.” 

Dre McLaughlin

“Elisa is incredibly passionate about the work she does, she is very engaging, fun, super inspiring and very professional. I did her online course and found it very healing. I highly recommend experiencing this.”

Katharine Walton

“I’ve been working with Elisa for a few months and the transformation is amazing. I was struggling with voice box problems – not being able to speak for more than a few minutes without losing my voice, getting pain, etc. I also had trouble making my voice clear and not so monotone. I can now speak for long periods of time, clearly and without pain. I’m becoming more and more confident to speak on live videos and workshops. I highly recommend Elisa if you want to work on your presentation skills. She is a master of what she does, coaching and supportive.”  Gail Thompson

“Elisa with years of public presence and voice training excels in promoting your voice and infuse a natural confidence. Go beyond your limitations, engage Elisa to discover your natural voice and it’s potential to make a difference.”

Neale McApline

“The thought of being in front of a camera seeing myself talking about myself and my business wasn’t something I wanted to do but I knew I had to do it if I wanted my business to grow. Elisa made it all so easy. I’ve learnt so much and it’s definitely something I’m so glad I did, even if it was really scary.”  Neeki Designs

“What a fabulous presenter and coach. The BEST 2.5 hours ever spent on learning about voice. Thank you, Elisa James.” 

Satina Cooper

“I signed up for Alisa James’s bootcamp and 1 on 1 sessions with her last year. She had been my great voice coach and knowledgeable in vocal. I enjoyed my sessions with her and glad to know more about my voice and presentation. Because of her, I gained my confidence to do Facebook live and recorded videos. For those of you who wanted to do presentation and gain confidence in your speaking, I do recommend Elisa James.” 

Chee Yong Goh

Hi I’m Elisa James…

Voice and Presentation Coaching can change your life and career prospects in surprising and incredible ways!

If you think that professional voice coaching or on-camera Confidence coaching is too hard for you due to fear, or perhaps being an introvert, I’ve got great news for you!

My teaching style is fun, practical and easily implementable for anyone!

Yes, I truly mean ANYONE! Whether you are an aspiring speaker, singer or actor, I can help.

As a former professional travelling entertainer for more than 35 years, I have sung, acted, spoken and danced in just about every country around the world… yep No joke!

I have performed in front of thousands of people on stage and on camera my entire life and in every conceivable situation imaginable.

Dynamic and engaging performance using the power of VOICE is my jam and I love nothing more than helping other people find that joy and confidence to do the same.  

More than 250K voices impacted…. 35 years experience…

two masters degrees… working with celebs….