Do you have a job interview coming up that you are maybe a little nervous about? 

Many young people get super nervous before an interview and because of this, sometimes, let themselves down during the interview process. They stumble over their words; they forget what they wanted to say and they get so nervous that they can’t even ask or answer questions efficiently. If this resonates with you, then stay tuned, because today I am going to give you 5 really simple tips to ace your next job interview whether it’s coming up tomorrow or in a year’s time! 



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Today is all about YOU getting over your nerves and being able to blitz that job interview and walk away, saying “YES! I NAILED IT!”

For some people, there is nothing more nerve wracking than sitting in front of a stranger answering questions. It seems like a very simple thing, right? You’re just sitting there, having a chat with someone. But here’s the thing. Everything only has the meaning that you attribute to it. So, if you think it’s nerve wracking to have to answer random questions off the cuff then only you can change that. Today, I am going to help you with that.

Here are 5 tips that will help you feel more confident and prepared when you walk into the interview room. 




TIP #1:  RE-FRAME IT        .

When you are seated in front of the interviewer, they are just another human being exactly like you. All they are looking for is a new person to join the team, and their job is simply to find the person that is the best fit. So, as you walk in, focus on the interviewer and their human-ness. Think of it as a semi-casual meeting to get to know each other a little better. Don’t think of it as an audition or an interview if that makes you more nervous. Have a good look at them as they are speaking. Get to know their mannerisms, their voices, listen carefully to what they are saying and make sure you focus on them not on you. As a public speaker, we always need to focus on the audience or the listener not on ourselves if we want to be effective and confident. 





As an actor and a singer, before every audition, I find it super useful to research the company I am auditioning for. If you do the same, it will give you a head start on understanding who you may be working for in the future. For example: When did the company start? How many employees are there? What products and services do they provide? What is the structure of the company? A great way to do this, is to find out if the company has a corporate LinkedIn profile. You can get to know the company by stalking all their social media accounts and taking note of what’s been going on there over the past few months. Then, if the interviewer asks you a question about the company, you will be fully prepared and know exactly what to say.





Next, I highly recommend that you download a copy of the job description and have a look at the key requirements of the role you are applying for. What are they looking for? Team work? Good communication skills? Organizational skills? Customer service? Have a think about what stories or experiences from your own work that you could share. This will help you be ready to explain your skills and strengths and what you can bring to the company.




TIP #4:  LET’S GET PERSONAL         .

“Tell me about yourself”

This is a very common question in so many interviews. If you haven’t rehearsed a really good answer, then you may stumble or falter trying to figure out what to say. So, please write down a few points that you think might help the organization make a good decision. Write them down in dot points and then rehearse the answers about 10 times to lock it into muscle memory. Don’t write down every single word. Don’t worry about memorizing every word. Just practice speaking each sentence off the cuff by looking at the dot point that you wrote down. That way, you could say the same sort of thing in 5 different ways and you won’t have to worry about remembering it word for word. Memorizing will make you more nervous.

Here is a simple structure that will help you practice the idea of telling something about yourself. Write down this dot points.

  1. SKILLS: Jot down what skill sets you have and especially list out the skills that you’re most confident and competent with.   
  1. EXPERIENCE / EDUCATION: What have you spent your working life doing so far. What prior work experience have you had? What sort of study did you do? Make sure you write it down and practice the dot points.  
  1. ACHIEVEMENTS: What are your personal achievements or awards perhaps that you are most proud of that you would like to share?   
  1. ATTRIBUTES: What personal qualities do you bring to the table? Are you dedicated, loyal, fast-working, action taker, self-motivated? What are the attributes that would make you a good employee for this company?



Make sure you do the research, download the pertinent documents that you need for the interview well ahead of time. Then you are going to turn up walking tall, head up, shoulders back and breathe deeply and slowly and remember you’re just talking another human being. You are there to HELP THEM! They need a solution to a problem and you might be that solution.

Now go smash it and let me know how you went!


Do not forget: Speak up. Speak out. Be ready to be heard because remember: YOUR VOICE MATTERS.