Girls, have you ever wondered how to get a sexier voice? 

Well, in this blog, I am going to share the 5 main ingredients that give females a sexier voice. That is from a scientific point of view… of course. As a Holistic Voice Coach, I study and analyze voices all day long. In this blog, I have been researching the 3 actresses that have been voted to have the sexiest voices in the world! I wanted to figure out why…?

And remember: there’s no sex here… just science! 

Some people LOVE the way they sound when they have a bad cold. For a few days they sound raspy and croaky and call it their “SEXY VOICE”.

In today’s blog, I’m going to show you exactly what these women are doing to make their voice sound so sexy…. but without the benefit of a cold.

Let’s get stuck into it…



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Before I give you today’s top 3 list, let’s quickly give an honorable mention to the original Queen of the Sexy Voice, MARILYN MONROE. When we look at her voice and mannerisms right now, they are way off base because of what women represent today, compared to back in the 50’s. For decades, her light, airy and delicate voice was considered the epitome of feminine sensuality, but now that sound doesn’t quite cut it in today’s world. Why? Because women nowadays especially in Hollywood, are empowered and play heroes in their own right, as well as staying feminine within their roles. So, instead of delving into Marilyn’s airy, light and breathy voice, we are going to scoot straight to our top 3 list: SCARLETT JOHANSSEN, ANGELINA JOLIE and MARION COTILLARD. 

I have analyzed each of their voices over multiple clips and have noticed they are all using the same 5 ingredients to make their voice sound sexy. First, let’s look at the attributes that make these women so appealing then I’m going to show you the exact 5 ingredients they are all using to make their voice sound so feminine and sexy.






Since Scarlett was at the very top of many top 10 lists, let’s use her first. You’ll notice in all of her roles; she plays a woman very much in charge of her own life and her own destiny. Confident, cool, calm, and in some cases…deadly. This irresistible cocktail of confident, strong, beautiful and feminine drives men wild and that voice on top of all those attributes, is a perfect vocal brand for her. 





In a similar way, Angelina also plays various strong women in many of her roles and when she is speaking with a British accent like her Lara Croft role, her voice is undeniably even more sexy and very different from her usual American accent. The reason? The resonant spaces used for the British and American speaking sounds are very different.





Marion is my favorite on this list. She is feminine, raw, natural and open and sometimes brings a very subtle flavor of innocence and child-like quality to her roles. After 9 years in French cinema, she came to Hollywood and was a fresh new look and feel on the scene. She is classy, multi-layered, charismatic on camera, and ooh so feminine… the true femme fatale.






Pitch: This is a very different approach to the Marilyn Monroe Voice because all three of them are using an extremely low pitch in many of their roles, which makes them sound more authoritative when they speak and gives them a leadership quality to their voices. This is probably no mistake since these actresses have played strong roles such as super heroes, spies and assassins. 

This approach is very different from the higher, breathy tone that Marilyn used. 

So, if you are trying to sound sexier, drop your pitch a few tones and back off the volume. 

Pacing: When they are speaking, they speak slowly and deliberately as if they are confident, calm and in charge at all times. No sign of an out-of-control, emotional little girl. The pacing is slow and thoughtful and meant to pack a punch. They are not afraid of pregnant pauses and they like to actually watch people squirm… slow and deliberate wins the sexy voice race. 

Vocal Fry:  Part of their sex appeal could also be the use of vocal fry from time to time. This is the slowest vibration of the vocal folds at an extremely low pitch.

This particular vocal fold vibration engages the false vocal folds as well as the true vocal folds. When you use vocal fry, you sound croaky and slightly sick or every lackadaisical. Angelina called it her bedroom voice. When she was recording the highly acclaimed animation Shark Tale back in 2009, she used vocal fry and low pitch, and that made up her bedroom voice.

Lack of Production: This way of using the vocal folds and respiratory function is what I would call extremely lazy or under produced. This is great for film and characterization on film, but not so great for daily speech because we are not all walking around miked up to a camera or on a film set. If you spoke like that so quietly every day, hardly anyone would hear you. Again, maybe great for the bedroom but not so great for the office.

Airflow: All of these ladies also used a lot of airflow during their speaking. This just means that there is too much airflow passing thru between the vocal folds when they are trying to make a sound and not closing the folds properly to get enough or using enough air pressure to keep the sound clear and strong. As opposed to using falsetto closure in male singing which is tight, thin, and pushed vocal folds like the Bee Gees used, or we can use too much airflow across note on any range. 

Marilyn used too much airflow when she was singing high and also during daily speech while these ladies are using too much airflow on a very low pitch… 

So, there you have it! Want a sexy voice? 

Let’s review the 5 things you need to do: 

  1. Lower your pitch
  2. Slow down your pace
  3. Add a touch of vocal fry
  4. Under produce your sound
  5. Add a little bit too much air


Now go practice! 

See you then!


Do not forget: Speak up. Speak out. Be ready to be heard because remember: YOUR VOICE MATTERS.