Have you ever been to a three day event where you screamed and yahooed and had an awesome time and then…lost your voice?

That’s usually because your voice is too weak and you are not projecting properly.

Many people have a weak or soft speaking voice and it can really hold you back in your career and in your life. If you are not using your voice in a right way when you speak in these events…. you could come away with… NO VOICE!

Now, you have a problem, because you can’t run your business or do your job for the rest of the week if your voice is gone.

In this blog, I am going to share with you the 3 key elements to projecting your voice loudly and clearly without losing your best asset in business… YOUR VOICE. 



If you have ever lost your voice, you know how frustrating and annoying it is!

The problem is, some people have no idea what they are doing wrong, so therefore, can’t avoid damaging their instrument unintentionally.

In today’s blog post and video, you will find out how to identify what is making you lose or fatigue your voice, so you can learn to take better care of it, for life.

1. Are you overdriving or under-driving your voice?

2. Learn which muscles need to be activated correctly

3. Learn the secret to projecting powerfully so everyone can hear you.



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Most people have a default habit of speaking with either too much overdriving or simply under driving their voice.

Many people with a weak voice are also shy and introverted so mindset and personal growth is KEY to changing that. 

This blog focuses on the mechanics of the issue and not the psychology.

The reason your voice is weak is simply because you are using the wrong muscles to speak with.

Most people who are not trained singers or actors use their throat muscles to speak instead of their respiratory or support muscles. 

When you push too much or too little air through the vocal folds you are going to cause a problem for yourself. 

You will either strain your voice from squeezing it too much or you will be blasting too much air and making your voice sound noisy, weak and airy.

So, how should we fix these issues?





Most people have heard of belly breathing of course, but they don’t know how to actually use the correct muscles for projecting the voice. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking…….

I’m supposed to use the diaphragm, right? I know that! 


Here is a little secret that many people don’t know…. 

It’s got nothing to do with the diaphragm because when we are blowing OUT air, we are not using that muscle at all. 

The diaphragm is the major muscle for INHALATION…  Not EXHALATION. 

And when we are talking about speaking louder or clearer… we are talking about EXHALING. 

Yes of course we need to take a proper diaphragmatic or belly breath in to power the voice.

Here comes the most important part.

Now, we need to then activate muscles you may not even know you have: your waist band muscles or support muscles/obliques.

Let’s do a little test. 

Place your hands on your waist and count to five. If your side muscles do nothing, then your voice is probably not being used correctly and will sound weak and soft.

However, if you can make them move by engaging energy, volume and intention when you speak, your voice will project and your superpower muscles will switch on! 

Practice this every day until your muscles start to activate!




The two most important areas of focus to make your voice sound stronger and more powerful are your side muscles and your articulators (tongue, teeth, lips and jaw).

Let me explain. 

When you powerfully use your abdominals for pumping the air up through the vocal folds and then mindfully engage the major articulators, you get a clear strong sound projecting from your body. 

It works in two major ways like:

  1. The gas pedal – which makes the voice go forward. 
  2. The break – which manages the airflow so it doesn’t escape too quickly or too weakly

When you use your articulators effectively when speaking, you will be speaking clearer, stronger and more powerfully than ever before. 




  1. Figure out if you are over powering or under powering your voice.
  2. Use the gas pedal instead of the throat muscles and activate your super power muscles for strength.
  3. Use your braking system so you create a clear articulate and crisp sound. 


Do not forget: Speak up. Speak out. Be ready to be heard because remember: YOUR VOICE MATTERS.