Have you ever been told that you sound monotone when you speak?

I hear this problem a lot and the problem is this: when you sound boring, people stop listening. So, in this video, I’ll be teaching you three simple voice hacks to sound more engaging when you speak so that people listen more.



  •  People who don’t feel heard simply stop speaking over time.
  •  Body language is the first thing that people notice about you and voice is close behind as the second thing.
  •  People pay more attention to you when you are speaking, if they can understand you clearly, and follow your message easily as well.
  •  Speaking in monotone or a flat vocal tone is usually not a voice issue at all. It’s a mindset issue. Once the psychology is understood and healed,   the voice mechanics can be changed at will.



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As a holistic voice and performance coach, many of my clients come to me with one major issue and that is they don’t feel heard.

People don’t listen when they’re speaking. In fact, I remember one of my clients telling me that in many social situations, he’d be telling his story to someone and they would simply lose focus and walk away, even when he was still speaking! Can you imagine? That’s a horrible thing to experience and it can leave you feeling so hurt and rejected!

The worst-case scenario I’ve seen is that people who don’t feel heard just stop speaking. They stop sharing and engaging with other people because they’re so afraid of criticism and rejection. And if this resonates with you, then you are in the right place.

So here today, I have three simple voice hacks to sound more engaging when you speak. You ready?


1. Stand up and speak up .

Body language is the first thing that people notice about you and voice is the second. So, first things first: stand up tall, lift that sternum just one more centimeter and you’ll feel tall and strong and grounded and more confident. And when you feel confident, you speak louder and when you speak loudly and clearly in conversation, it’s pretty hard to ignore you. And I don’t mean sounding annoyingly loud that will drive people away but be loud enough to be heard properly. People will switch off and literally lose interest in you if you make them work too hard.


2.  Use shorter sentences

Again, people pay attention when they can understand you and follow you easily. If you ramble on and on and on with little or no punctuation in your sentences, it’s too much work for the listener to follow. It takes a little practice and mindfulness but it makes a huge difference to how you are perceived by others. Why don’t you try recording with a voice recorder on your phone and just telling yourself a short story? Then listen back to the recording and ask yourself if I was a stranger listening to this, would I find it engaging or boring?


3. Break the mindset blockage 

Look, monotone and flat vocal tone is usually not a voice issue at all. It’s a mindset issue. The psychology behind the sound of your voice is one of my specialties and a huge part of voice training programs. If you’ve experienced bullying or abuse or trauma in your life, it all shows through the voice by the patterns when you speak. When somebody sounds monotone, it’s usually because they’ve got some fear around speaking up for themselves and being heard. Something in their past stop them from speaking up. There are some blockages to self-expression that need to be explored and understood before we can really fix that issue for good. Look, a great place to start is to sign up for my mini course called “Change your voice, change your life” and the course is especially designed to help you break through those blockages to self-expression to start building more confidence in your speaking skills and in your life in general. It’s a great place to start .  

So, I hope you found that helpful today.