Diagnosing your Vocal Problems.Improving Your Voice, Part 2

The Diagnosis

The second thing we have to do is find out what the physiological issue is and if there is any psychological component that needs to be addressed as well.

I have worked as a professional voice coach for more than twenty years and have found that when students delve deep enough they can discover the psychological catalyst of the physical affectation, (muscle tension habit)which then brings awareness to the issue and helps them change to a more efficient way of making sound.

If the physical manifestation is a tight jaw, it could affect the sound in the following ways:

  • Tight pinched sounds that fatigue the voice (and your audiences’ ears!)
  • Too nasal (which can also be annoying for your listeners)
  • Due to tension, may be uncomfortable/painful to speak for long periods
  • Problems with singing voice (if a singer) and more.

If the physical manifestation is a throaty sound, it could affect the sound in the following ways:

  • The tone will be scratchy and unclear
  • The speaker will feel the need to clear the throat constantly
  • The speaker or singer will feel hoarse very quickly and experience throat pain
  • The speaker may lose his voice frequently from having unhealthy vocal habits

If the physical manifestation is an airy/soft sound, it could affect the sound in the following ways:

  • The tone will sound ungrounded and may wobble when speaking louder
  • The tone may sound high, thin and unstable, almost like a voice in falsetto
  • The tone will not go louder when projecting and the speaker cannot be heard properly
  • The speaker may get a sore throat when speaking for too long

All of these problems and many more can be fixed within a block of private Vocal Coaching sessions with Voice Coach Elisa James.  Using the Elisa James HAPS™ Program each muscle in the throat and neck can be isolated to learn better control and understanding of tone quality production.

Voice Training Workshops and Seminars for better vocal production are now available on site at your corporate business address and are an effective way to improve both presentation styles and vocal effectiveness of your key staff members.