Do you need to get on camera regularly these days to attend work meetings? 

If yes, do you notice how many people have their cameras turned off? That’s because they feel nervous and uncomfortable being on camera in a virtual meeting. They prefer to hide.

If that’s you, you are in luck! Because in this video I will show you 5 proven ways to make you look and feel more confident on camera! Stay tuned



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If you want to be perceived as a valuable member of your organization, then you need to show up in a more confident and professional way. So, let’s look at the five steps that can help you increase your confidence and skill around being on camera. 





Let’s face it, life is very different these days and if you are in business or working for a corporation, you are going to need to sound like a leader on camera at some stage. The first problem is, most people don’t know where to look! 

All those faces on the screen and boxes with people’s names on it can be distracting. So do yourself a favor, be brave and start showing up as a leader by turning that camera ON! Once it’s on, I want you to look directly at the lens of the camera and not down at the other people on the video in front of you. When you look at them, it makes you seem like you are talking to yourself and not addressing the people on the other end of the call. By looking directly into the camera lens, it will give you far better engagement with the people on the call and make you seem more confident. It does take a bit of practice, but you will get used to it and it’s worth the while.





These days getting a professional looking background for your team meetings on zoom will make an enormous difference to your perceived value inside the team. 

If you are attending a meeting in your bedroom, with dirty laundry hanging around, clutter and mess everywhere, it really doesn’t put you in the best light, professionally. So, download some simple, clean and professional zoom backdrops and try a few different ones out to see which one suits you the best. You can choose from a classy simple lounge room setting, or a big impressive looking boardroom, or even a small professional looking office space. Whatever you do, don’t choose the zoom backgrounds. One makes you look like you are lost in space, and the other one looks like you are waiting thru the weeds and the grass. They look tacky and cheap and are super distracting to your audience. So, choose something clean and simple, so you can become the center of attention – not your backdrop!





I want you to look at you inside the frame of the screen. When you see yourself on camera, do you see the ceiling in your house? If so, you’re using the wrong frame or maybe your head is too low in the frame that it looks like you are trying to pop over to see the dashboard. The way you frame yourself for power in a meeting is very important. So, make sure your head and shoulders are in the frame and you are squarely seated in the middle of the screen for balance. This will make you look far more confident and authoritative when speaking. 





There are two ways that I suggest to all my students to practice.  Number one, is by jumping on a zoom meeting for one, and press “record”. Remember to practice speaking TO the lens as I have just taught you in the previous steps and choose the correct frame for power. Now practice doing an improvised presentation for at least 2 minutes and then save the recording and play it back.

The second way is to open Facebook and start a new post. Then select the button that says “GO LIVE” and choose “only me” in the settings. That way you will practice as though you are in a live meeting and it may still feel a little scary. But that’s a good thing because getting you out of your comfort zone is the idea. You will never become more confident if you stay inside your comfort zone! Once you’re done, save the recording, then open Facebook on your phone and watch it back. Rehearsal and analysis are extremely important and the only way that you are going to improve your skill of speaking on camera. So pick which one suits you best and start there! 




5. LIGHT UP    

The worst place you can sit when in a meeting is with a window behind you. All your teammates will see is a black shadow across your face and way too much light streaming onto the back of your head. However, by sitting facing a window, you are going to have full light on your face and people will be able to see you clearly. If the room is too dark and you don’t have a window, try a few different lamps and see if you can get a some bright enough one that lights up your corner of the room and your face clearly. If you want to step it up a notch, buy one of these selfie ring lights from Amazon. These are an awesome asset for anyone who is on camera a lot. That gives tons of light, have 3 different settings, and make you look your absolute best!

I hope you found that helpful today. See you next time. 


Do not forget: Speak up. Speak out. Be ready to be heard because remember: YOUR VOICE MATTERS.