Have you ever wondered what the secret is to great public speaking? 

I have been researching some of the most popular Ted talks of our time, and I have compiled a list of 4 things that the best speakers all do to captivate and inspire their audiences.

These things are available to anyone, anytime…absolutely free.

With a little time and patience, you can implement them into every speech that you ever give. 

Want to know what they are? 

Stay tuned. 



In today’s video and blog post, I will be covering the 4 tips to improve your public speaking skills.

How to captivate your audience with your voice and presence!

Here is the summary of todays video:

Tip #1: Show up to give
Tip #2: Authenticity engages
Tip #3: Audience awareness
Tip #4: Be Bold and unapologetically YOU



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Today, it’s all about helping you become a better public speaker. 

Let’s dive in. 


Tip #1:  Show Up to Give    .

When you are invited to speak or present at an event, it’s usually because you’ve done something, seen something or accomplished something that others need to hear. That’s the main reason why you have been invited to speak. However, there are many people that speak with the wrong mindset and intention…that is, they speak with a taking mentality. They speak or perform because their ego needs to be heard. Perhaps, they want a standing ovation, or they want you to buy something, or they want you to follow them. When they speak, it’s obvious, they make it all about them. But when you watch the most popular Ted talk speakers, like Amy Cuddy, Brene Brown, Simon Sinek, Oprah, or Tony Robbins… they all show up to give. They show up to serve. They show up to help others improve their lives. They don’t make it about them.


Tip #2:  Authenticity Engages 

So many people have an innate fear of public speaking, but right now it’s such a fundamental skill that most people really need to learn. Public speaking and being confident on camera are important and applicable across pretty much every industry. One of the most important principles to follow is to be authentic. When I first started performing years ago, I was so nervous and lacking in confidence, that I tried really hard to be someone I thought would be more acceptable to the audience. As a rock singer years ago, I would jump around all over the stage and try to look tough and powerful, with a “don’t mess with me” attitude, but I learned pretty fast, that wasn’t me. It didn’t feel right. I was secretly a pussy cat, not a tiger. 

I learned over time, that when I just allowed myself to relax and be ME, I had so much more fun performing, and the audience enjoyed it too. 

Becoming your best authentic self, stepping into the best version of YOU, is the best way to become a great speaker or presenter. 

So, speak from your heart and the audience will feel it. 


Tip #3:  Audience Awareness

When you get on stage, or on camera, you need to be very aware of what type of audience you have in front of you.

Years ago, when I was singing at a Jazz Pub in America, I got on stage, worrying that since I wasn’t technically a “jazz” singer, it would perhaps be a really tough crowd to please. So, I got up on stage and really started focusing on singing the best that I possibly could, but straight after the first song, the pianist and I started this friendly silly banter back and forth and then members of the audience started to chime in as well. Suddenly, the whole room turned into this fun, party vibe that I would never have imagined in a serious jazz club. Then I realized that the audience truly had one goal and that was to have a good time. Then, I was able to relax, add humor to my songs, change the words around and have more fun. The gig went so well that night, that they gave me a regular spot every weekend for a whole year simply because I could go with the flow. They knew that whatever the audience threw at me, I could be flexible and malleable. 

Sometimes things don’t go as planned, specially not in singing and speaking gigs, but if you have complete confidence in yourself and your abilities, you will always land on your feet no matter what happens. 


Tip #4:  Be Bold     .

To be unapologetically yourself in front of an audience requires boldness or audacity. 

When you can bring the best of yourself to your audience, it inspires others to do the same. You can’t go out there fearful of what other people will say or think. You have no control over that and what they think of you is actually none of your business

Play 100% full out. Don’t hold back. You can’t give half of yourself in a presentation. You have to bring all of your energy, focus and passion to every speaking engagement. 

One of the best ways to do that is to weave a personal story into your talk. 

The top 85% of all Ted Talks are story-centric. It’s the most powerful thing you can do, to paint a clear picture in the minds of your listener. The rule of thumb is this: Never tell a story without making a point, and never make a point without telling a story. This is true across every industry. Stories help people process information and keeps your audience more engaged.


Now, let’s to a quick recap:

TIP 1: Be a giver, not a taker 

TIP 2: Be Authentic 

TIP 3: Be Audience Aware 

TIP 4: Be Bold 

Do not forget: Speak up. Speak out. Be ready to be heard because remember: YOUR VOICE MATTERS.