Ok Guys, how many times do you hear your male friends say this: “Hey! I just met the girl of my dreams over the phone. I fell in love with her simply by listening to the sound of her voice”.

Yep! Males and females seem to work very differently. Males get attracted to faces or legs or other body parts… at least at first. But for females? Gentlemen, let me educate you on a concept you may know nothing about.

The power of attraction is actually in the sound of YOUR VOICE. Yep, we girls don’t walk around saying “Wow that guy has great legs… or abs… or biceps”. Sorry to disappoint you! But if you walk up to a girl in a bar with a voice that sounds like velvet, you will make her swoon, make her heart skip a beat, and her legs go wobbly purely because of the way you sound. 

 So, if you want to have a more attractive voice? This blog is for you! Stay tuned. 


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Today, isn’t about leadership. It’s about making your voice sound more attractive to the opposite sex.  The power of the voice is something we should never overlook. It can tell us what someone is like purely by the sound of their voice and the way they speak.  So, let’s dive in!

Let’s look at 3 men with the sexiest voices and disseminate what they are doing with their instrument to make it sound so damn good!

We are going to start with 3 actor’s voices and what they are doing in 3 steps to make it sound so sexy and masculine.




#1:  JAMES EARL JONES         .

James is a superb actor who had a long, illustrious career partly because of the gorgeous vocal quality. He had to overcome a severe stutter early in his career before he got his start in theatre, and eventually film. But nowadays, his smooth and silky voice is one of the best and most recognized in Hollywood.





With his boyish good looks and deep baritone voice, George has been winning women over since the 80’s. Voted the “Sexiest Man Alive” twice by People magazine, this Hollywood superstar also has a sexy voice to match his outer sexy brand.





One of the most well-respected thespians of our generation, Benedict was born and raised in UK, son of two professional actors. As with many other actors with equally incredible voices before him, he studied Classical Theatre acting in England before switching to film. You will notice that many actors with incredible voices all had years of voice training during their theatre days, which sets them aside on film and makes them irresistible to watch and listen to. 







All of these actors are speaking at a very low pitch in a very relaxed way. There is nothing pushed or forced about their sound. The pitch is deep and rich without having to work too hard. This may be due to their body shape and how tall they are. 

All three of these men are around 6 feet tall. Interestingly enough, most tall men do have deeper voices because they have bigger voice boxes which adds richness and fullness to the sound of their voice. Now, if you are not quite that tall, and you don’t have that type of built, don’t despair because you can drop your voice box down to a lower position and you will lower the pitch while speaking. If you keep the throat muscles open too. It will also enhance and enrich your sound. This is what actors learn when they are studying the voice. They widen their throat muscles and fatten up the sound and project the sound to the back of the theatre. Acting and voice training will help you develop a better, deeper, richer sound. 


All these men have a very relaxed way of speaking without compromising the quality of their articulation. Due to them all being trained actors, they focus on not only the quality of their sound but also how clear and articulate they are. Let’s face it, an audio book or a movie would be pretty boring if you can’t follow the story line because the actors aren’t speaking properly. 

So, open the throat with a yawn. Relax those throat muscles and drop the jaw, relax the jaw. Let it hang loose in the vowels. Give vowels space and use your other articulators clearly when you speak. 


All 3 of these men have a beautiful forward placement with resonance in front of their face. We actors call this speaking into the MASK. When we bring the airflow forward during speaking and singing. It adds a natural clarity and brightness to the tone. Resonance also adds about 30% more volume without even trying. It makes your voice sound more beautiful and makes it easier for others to listen to you. When you are speaking, try placing the sound of your voice forward into the front of the face. 

A really good exercise to practice is just a simple hum. When you get it right, it vibrates in the front of the cavities in the face and buzzes and vibrates. You actually feel the vibration in the front of the face. If you are doing it wrong, all you’ll feel is tension and vibration in the throat area.

The magic recipe here is a mixture of the following things: 

Forward mask resonance

Relaxed throat and jaw

Nice relaxed airflow through the vocal folds 

And a lowered pitch… 




Now that you know this…. All you need to do is go off and practice!  

Do not forget: Speak up. Speak out. Be ready to be heard because remember: YOUR VOICE MATTERS.