Are you using a vocal sound that’s not only disempowering but may be costing you a promotion at work? If you want to sound competent, attractive, confident, and trustworthy, you’ll want to fix this bad vocal habit. If you need to sound like a leader in business, or at work, or even with your kids!…. then this video series is for you. My passion is for people to feel confident and assertive, both at work and at home when it is needed to good, open communication.


If you need a speaker at your next leadership conference, training or event, Edu-tainer Elisa James Holistic Voice Coach, The Voice Mastery Mentor is available for bookings worldwide. With a Masters Degree in Holistic Health, a Masters also in Voice Production and 30 years experience as a global entertainer and workshop facilitator, you can count on her to deliver a great presentation.

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