Have you ever dreamed of becoming an engaging and influential speaker or presenter?


  • Knowing you can have the audience hanging off your every word…
  • Knowing you can speak with confidence & authority at work…
  • Knowing you can be confident and competent on camera anytime…

Have You Ever Had One of These Challenges?

  • You struggle with a fear of public speaking in front of a live audience
  • You really hate the way you look or sound on camera or audio recording
  • You avoid shooting video because you sound unsure or unprofessional
  • You can’t seem to articulate your ideas very effectively…
  • People don’t seem to fully comprehend your ideas when speaking
  • You need to  learn better speaking skills, but not sure where to begin 
  • You have a high pressure job with limited time to train, so you need results fast!
  • You require confidentiality because of your celebrity status or job position
  • You are required to do Media Interviews sometimes, and need help….

You are in the right place!

There are solutions.

All of these issues are really common, and in fact years ago I was in the same boat too. I was unskilled as a speaker. I had no training or experience standing in front of a large audience and had no idea how to engage or control a crowd during my early performances. I would sometimes walk off stage beating myself up for doing such a bad job…”


If this sounds like you…

  • You feel uncomfortable in front of an audience…
  • Your mind goes blank the second you get in front of the microphone….
  • You speak too fast, or ramble…. then get off stage as fast as possible!

Look, I get it.

There is nothing worse than having to be in the spotlight for work, when you don’t feel ready… or knowing you don’t have the confidence or skill to pull it off successfully.

Thirty plus years ago, I was in the same position.

However, after 35 years on stages all over the world as a speaker, singer and actor, things very different now. I have spoken in front of small crowds of a few hundred, to entertaining / educating up to 20,000 people at outdoor events. 

As a speaker , coach and mentor, I have mastered on camera performances and media interviews which have propelled my career faster than I could have imagined. 

Speaking with Confidence, Clarity & Conviction can hugely impact your life.

A lack of good speaking and communication skills can make or break your career FAST.

As a voice and performance coach with over 20 years experience in the field of coaching and consulting, and two Masters degrees to back up my 3 decade career in Show Business, you are in the best hands possible!

I work with top speakers in their field from all over the world:

From Tony Robbins speakers and coaches, Brendon Burchard coaches and trainers, T. Harv Eker Head Coaches and Speakers… to celebrities, politicians, Olympians, CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Journalists, TV Presenters, Event Organisers, Real Estate Companies, Australian Army, Google, Apple and…. people just like YOU!



Most of my Senior Executives and High End clients need a personalised, tailor-made training pathway that fits their busy schedule. This is why I created my VIP Programs for busy executives that need results FAST! 

This personalised 1:1 coaching program is the complete package for Leaders who need results in the shortest time possible. 

This comprehensive program helps you master your voice, improve your articulation and projection, control your breathing patterns for public speaking, eliminates nerves and anxiety, teaches you everything you need to know about shooting professional looking video for business, and helps you write winning speeches and presentations for the conference live stage event, or any virtual stage. 

Module One: 

The Mindset and Psychology of Public Speaking.

This is where we break any habitual ways of speaking that are disempowering your spoken message.

We eliminate negative cultural or family conditioning that has been holding you back, and instead develop a new blueprint of confidence so you can start to sound like the person you were truly meant to be – A Leader!

Module Two: 

Reverse Engineering Confidence with Improv Training.

Improv and Self Confidence training helps build confidence and competence from the inside out.

Once you identify the speaking patterns that are holding you back, you can start to speak off- the- cuff any time you need, with confidence and clarity.


Module Three:

Breath Management and Control for Public Speaking and Work Presentations.

This module is the foundation of all voice work. It works on helping you master breath control and breath management for all speaking tasks.

Lack of breath control is one of the biggest factors that inhibit our ability to speak with confidence. After this module, you will never sound breathless or run out of air ever again!

Module Four:

Is the next step in the foundation of voice. 

Building the sound of confidence into every word you say gives you more influence and authority every time you speak.

Increasing your vocal range, improving articulation, learning how to project powerfully, building a resilient, powerful and attractive voice that you will love for the rest of your life.

Module Five:

Advanced Patterns of Speech.

Now that the foundation has been covered, we move onwards to the advanced patterns of speaking.

What does a leader sound like? What sort of vocal patterns do you need to master? What sort of questions do we need to ask to engage our audience?

This module is all about finessing and fine-tuning your speaking patterns when speaking in public so you can appear more competent and engaging to your audience.

Module Six:

Crafting Your Message for Your Audience.

This module teaches you how to craft and hone your speaking presentations for the specific platforms you need to speak on.

Regardless of whether you need to write a Keynote Speech, a Ted talk, a Motivational speech, a powerpoint presentation, a media interview, a website video…

You choose your platform, and I will show you how. 

Module Seven:

Practice, Polish and Present!

This is where all the training comes together so you are truly ready to speak with confidence, competence and conviction for ANY speaking presentation. 

It’s time to Practice and Polish your Presentation and start rehearsing your material to get real time feedback from your Holistic Voice and Presentation Coach Elisa James.  In this final step we will look at body language, stage craft, microphone technique, gestures, facial expressions and more.  Its your time to SHINE!

Ready to Start?

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Once I mastered the art and science of public speaking and performance skills …everything changed. I was asked to perform on stages all over the world. I have performed/spoken on thousands of stages  in more than 25 countries. I am often invited as a  Guest Speaker for International summits and training events. I was approached by the movers and shakers of the world, and became the voice coach to Tony Robbins and Brendon Burchard trainers, motivational speakers, celebrities, DJ’s, Journalists and many top executives inside the world’s most well-known brands like Apple and google.

Nowadays, I coach  business people to excel in front of any live or virtual audience using the skills that I have learned. For the last 20 + years I have been teaching my clients all over the world to speak or perform with more confidence, clarity and conviction.  I have seen my students go from fearful to fearless in front of the camera. I have seen my students begin to thrive in an online world, rather than merely survive. Some of my students have gone on to become CEO’s, TV Presenters, YouTubers, Influencers, Leaders in Corporate, Keynote Speakers and more.

About your Coach Elisa James M.Mus., Th.M

Voice and Presentation Coaching can change your life and career prospects in surprising and incredible ways. 

If you think that speaking in public, or sounding professional on camera is too hard due to fear or lack of skill, I’ve got great news for you! 

Learning how to use your vocal instrument with power and conviction, or to speak on stage/camera with complete confidence is a learned skill, not a God-given talent. 

As a Holistic Voice and Presentation Coach to professionals all over the world, my teaching style is fun, practical and easily implementable for anyone! 

Yes, I truly mean ANYONE!

Whether you are a corporate speaker, CEO, C-Suite Executive, Lawyer or Business Owner – I can teach you the professional speaking and communication skills you need to excel as a leader in your field.

 As a professional performer for more than 35 years, I have sung, acted and spoken in just about every country around the world.

I have performed in front of thousands of people on stage and on camera my entire life and in every conceivable situation imaginable. 

Dynamic and engaging performance using the power of VOICE is my passion andI love nothing more than helping other people find that inner joy and confidence to do the same. 

As a professional entertainer I gathered lots of training as well as experience along the way. 

  • Estill Voice Training System in Voice Physiology (London) 

  • Masters Degree in Holistic Health and Counseling (USA) 

  • Masters Degree in Voice Production and Performance (Conservatorium AUS) 

As well as a plethora of degrees and certificates and years of personal and professional development along the way, I bring 35+ years of performance experience to the mix as well. 

As a coach, I  help a myriad of people from all sorts of backgrounds and all skill levels from beginners to the experienced professional. 

My current clients include high-end motivational speakers Like Tony Robbins, Journalists, Olympians, Coaches, Celebrities, DJ’s  and TV Presenters, to business owners, entrepreneurs and corporate executives just like you.

Most professionals need to be able to speak with confidence, clarity and conviction if they want to succeed in their industry.

I use a Holistic Approach to Public Speaking and Performance, so whether you have voice damage that needs fixing, a lack of confidence holding you back, anxiety patterns that need breaking, or you need to build your online brand and presence on video for business – I have a program that’s right for you.