This FREE 90-minute Masterclass gives you actionable steps for sounding and looking more confident when speaking ON CAMERA or in public. 


This 90-minute masterclass gives you actionable steps for sounding and looking more confident when speaking ON CAMERA.

Australia: Wednesday, Feb. 10th @ 10am (AEST)

America: Tues. Feb 9th @ 3pm (PT)  /  6pm (ET)


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This Live Webinar is For You If You…

Need to get your business online fast!

Hate the way you sound and look on camera

Need to sound like a leader to grow your business

Have a fear of speaking on video or in public

Need to sound more engaging when speaking online or off

Or simply want to become a better speaker and improve your communication skills

Join a community of passionate learners and professionals looking to enhance their public speaking and on-camera confidence!

In This Exclusive 90min Masterclass You Will Learn…

How to make people LOVE to listen to you and move them to ACTION…

Unlock the secrets to combatting stage fright and performance anxiety…

Learn the same tips that past students have said saved their jobs, their relationships and even got them a promotion!

Unleash the power in your voice

…Imagine! Speaking with confidence and influence every time!
No more people misjudging, misunderstanding, and underestimating you, or your abilities.
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Meet Your Host

Elisa James

Elisa James is a veteran performer with over 30 years experience in the entertainment industry world-wide.

Starting out at just 14 years old as a professional dancer/actrobat, Elisa moved to singing and acting as her full time career by age 18.

Performing all over the world singing in bands, orchestras, as solo Cabaret Artist, One Woman Theatre show, Session singer for famous pop stars and many other gigs lead her eventually to Living in Europe and America for the majority of her career.

Along the way, as a confident performer, she was always asked to speak, MC or present at various venues around the world for events and seminars, and due to this fell into the professional speaking industry almost by accident.

As a Holistic Voice and Presentation coach now in Australia and America, Elisa’s passion is helping business owners and aspiring speakers FIND THEIR AUTHENTIC, CONFIDENT VOICE for Business. 

She holds events, workshops and trainings for corporations and private coaching clients.

What Elisa’s Students Are Saying

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