Your Voice. Your Asset.

High Performance Voice & Presentation Training

Your Voice. Your Asset.

High-Performance Voice
& Presentation Training

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Meet Elisa James

With clients including Dale Carnegie and Tony Robbins Coaches, Get Motivated Events, Australian Government Dpt Defence, Village Roadshow, Unity Worldwide Ministries, Fox News presenters, Radio DJ’s she has helped some of the world’s most successful speakers and leaders develop their Unique Vocal Brand.

In addition to featuring regularly as a guest speaker on podcasts and live events, Elisa is a familiar face on the international conference circuit having shared the stage with business speakers and entertainers in America, Europe and Australia for more than 30 years. Elisa has presented and performed to over 100,000 people across 5 continents since 1990, and is known for her engagingentertaining and practical presentations.

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“Elisa James as a speaker is feminine and beautiful, but still strong and confident. I don’t know anyone who has a voice that is so warm and engaging as well as confident and strong, she really does a phenomenal job.”

- Scott Harris

International Coaching Trainer

“Elisa James totally saved my speaking career. I’ve been on stages all over the world, and any time I would speak for 3 – 5 days, I ended up losing my voice. I now have a much fuller voice, and now projecting powerfully so the entire room can her me. So you need to work with Elisa James, she is the real deal.”

- Sandra Bravo

Founder and CEO of Amasssing, T.Harv Ecker Head Trainer

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What To Do Before A Big Presentation?

What To Do Before A Big Presentation?

Do you have a presentation for work coming up soon?  The one thing so many people do wrong when preparing for an important presentation is this: they mostly focus on the slide content and forget the number 1 thing that will actually make or break the presentation and...

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Save My Voice

I am here to help get you where you need to be – vocally speaking. So, if you are using your voice for your career and rely on your instrument to deliver your message day after day, week after week, then this course is a MUST!

Change Your Voice. Change Your Life

It is time to become aware of the unconscious muscle patterns we have developed over time and to begin a new way of speaking. A better way of speaking, communicating and expressing ourselves – with ease, grace and confidence.


The 7 Deadly Sins of Public Speaking

A valuable info-packed handbook for all voice users. Easy to understand practical information for actors, speakers and singers on voice use in the public arena. The cute cartoons on every page make it a fun and easy read while learning tools of the speaking trade. 

Find Your Voice

In this must-read book, Elisa James guides you through ten simple steps to transform your life. She shares her tips, tools, and techniques that have helped her clients to find their voice.

In this book you discover the 10 essential skills all successful speakers and performers have in common, and how to implement them yourself to increase your vocal power.