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Find Your Voice Bonus Downloadable PDF

Find Your Voice – The 10 steps from anxiety to confidence for aspiring speakers

Vocal Warm Ups and Exercises for Speakers - Downloadable PDF

Powerful, clear, resonant speaking presentations everytime!

Audio Downloads

Find Your Voice Audio - All Tracks

Download All of the tracks in a single ZIP package, inside are 12 MP3 files to listen to whenever you want on your portable MP3 Player

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Track One – Introduction

Track Two – Speaking Opportunities Abound

Track Three – My Story

Track Four – What Successful Speakers Have in Common

Track Five – What Sort of Voice Coach Do I Need?

Track Six – 3 Common Issues Affecting Speech Part 1

Track Seven – 3 Common Issues Affecting Speech Part 2

Track Eight – 3 Common Issues Affecting Speech Part 3

Track Nine – Solutions: Correcting a Weak Sound

Track Ten – Solutions: Correcting a Harsh Tone

Track Eleven – Solutions: Lazy Articulators

Track Twelve – Solutions: They Psychology Behind Your Sound