Teaching is my PASSION:
Holistic Vocal Coaching is my Expertise.
I Specialize in Voice Training For all Professionals:
Singers, Actors, Speakers

‘If you are looking for a holistic approach to voice training, my HAPS™ programs are perfect for you”.
~ Elisa James Holistic Vocal Coach



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Who’s Elisa?

Elisa James is an award-winning international performer with more than 35 years’ experience world-wide.  Elisa is an experienced Voice Coach – teaching vocal performance, singing, speaking and vocal coaching for the past 25 years – and has owned and operated voice studios in Sydney, Amsterdam, Den Haag, and America.  Voice Coaching is available as private session or group class.

As a performance coach, Elisa has taught private classes & workshops for Performing Arts Schools in America, Australia and Europe for all levels of singing: amateur to professional. Her teaching inspiration and many years of continual (voice, mind, body & spirit) training has come from many varied International sources including:


  • Master’s Degree – Vocal Pedagogy (Contemporary Voice- QLD Conservatorium)
  • Master’s Degree – Holistic Health/Spiritual Counselling (Holos University USA)
  • Grief, Loss and Trauma Counselling Certificate – Paradise Kids (Gold Coast Aus)
  • Estill Voice Training System (EVTS) – Vocal Physiology Rotterdam Conservatory (Europe)
  • Seth Riggs – Speech Level Singing Training System – (USA)
  • Brett Manning – Singing for Success – (USA)
  • Max Speed – Sydney Opera Company Voice teacher (Aus)
  • Patricia Oertel – Sydney Conservatorium Voice teacher (Aus)
  • Bob Tasman- Smith – World renowned Voice teacher of Contemporary styles (Aus)
  • Bachelor of Science Degree – Holistic Nutrition (Clayton College USA)

Proud member of both



The HAPS Approach


  • Vocal Nutrition – what is good for my voice?
  • NLP – for confident & dynamic performances
  • Vocal Physiology– Getting to know your instrument
  • Voice training exercises – for agility, strength and skill
  • Confidence and Self-esteem building – through Improv. exercises
  • Presentation preparation – tools to prepare
  • Stage presence and Microphone techniques – For a smoother performance
  • Anxiety and Stage Fright – physiology and management
  • Breathing and Relaxation techniques – better voice control
  • Character voices – for Actors and Singers
  • Song choice and interpretation – for Actors and Singers

Elisa James HAPS workshops and group programs can be held as a half day or full day workshop or as a Weekend Intensive. During the workshops we build skill and confidence slowly within the emotional safety of a supportive and informal group setting. Workshops can be 10 – 30 participants.


Private or Group HAPS Training is Great For:

 – Singers
– Musicians
– Music and Voice teachers
– Actors, Performance Poets
– Budding performers of any kind
– Professional and Amateur Speakers
– Dancers, Yoga Instructors, Fitness Instructors
– New Thought Churches (like Unity and Science of Mind)
– Personal and Spiritual growth advocates
– Ministerial Students

Our voice, body language, and facial expressions are what we present to the world.