“Elisa James – What a stellar performance! She was fantastic!”

Chamber of Commerce -Delray Beach, FL.


Are You Looking For….


 >> An experienced, dynamic MC for your next Corporate event?

>> An Expert Voice Coach to Get Your Team’s Presentation Skills to the Next Level??  

Elisa’s Keynote Speeches

During this talk you’ll discover:

  • The 10 essential skills successful speakers have in common…
  • Techniques to solve 3 common vocal faults
  • A 10-step plan to increase your confidence when speaking or singing

Did you know your voice, body language, and facial expressions instantly show others whether you’re shy, nervous or confident? So let me ask… are you presenting yourself in the most effective, fulfilling and confident way possible?

Imagine breaking through any blockages so you could have a strong voice, rock solid confidence and a dynamic presentation style that you can use every day… on stage and off. What would that be like?

Well, it’s time to begin your journey from anxiety to confidence. It’s time to get excited about speaking, performing and just being the person you want to be! In this must-attend talk, Elisa James guides you through ten simple steps to transform your life. She shares her tips,., tools, and techniques that have helped her clients find their voice

During this talk you’ll discover:

  • The 7 common pitfalls in public speaking and how to avoid them
  •  How to use your mind, body, and emotions to create powerful holistic presentations.
  • The secret of leaving a lasting impression on any audience.

Just the thought of speaking in public may have you breaking out in a sweat and ready to run … but don’t despair, help is at hand! Not only will you learn the do’s and don’ts of public speaking at this talk, you’ll learn the Holistic Approach to Public Speaking.It’s never just your voice that’s involved in the presentation – it’s the combination of your thoughts, your belief system, your breath control and support, your nutrition, your vocal ability, and so much more.

Join Elisa James for her 7 Deadly Sins Habits of Public Speaking to gain all the tools you need to springboard your presentation skills and talents, with useful tips and practical exercises you can do at home. Ever thought you could be as great a speaker as Tony Robbins? You may surprise yourself!

Elisa James is THE Voice Expert
Over 30 years in the Entertainment Industry

Equally comfortable on stage and on camera, with the experience, expertise, and confidence to engage with any audience. Elisa has done it all. From intimate audiences of under 100 people right through to stadiums with massive crowds of over 20,000 fans! Her experience is indisputable. When taking the stage, she effortlessly commands attention with her dynamic voice, charisma, confidence, grace, and enthusiasm. Elisa James can passionately share your company’s message and mission, engaging the minds and hearts of your event’s participants.

Elisa James is the Master Edutainer! Elisa is a Voice Coach, Singer, Actor and Workshop Facilitator with three decades of on-stage experience and a Master’s Degree in Voice Production. As your MC, Keynote Speaker or Presenter, you can rest assured knowing your event is in the hands of an expert.